Four Students Caught Having Sex in Nightclub Parking Lot

Four students in Belfast, Northern Ireland, recently took their “Knee Deep Student Night” quite literally.

According to Uni Lad, a picture of the students plowing each other on the parking lot pavement outside El Divino Nightclub on Belfast’s biggest student night is making the rounds online.

Four Students Caught Having Sex in Nightclub Parking Lot

Students busted having sex outside Belfast nightclub

“Knee Deep” goes off every Thursday and bills itself as Belfast’s best student night. And after seeing this picture, I would have to agree, as it looks better than any student night I ever attended in the United States.

Sadly, though, it looks as though two of the four students don’t know what they’re doing. One of the girls appears to be on her phone, possibly looking for proper instructions on how to bump uglies or searching for the nearest pharmacy that sells the morning after pill. Meanwhile, one of the guys is looking over at the other one, perhaps asking him if he is doing it right.

Fortunately for all of them, it doesn’t appear they will get in any trouble over this. Despite public outcry, the Police Service of Northern Ireland told the media that no investigation has been launched.

Even crazier than these four students having sex in front of onlookers is the fact that it’s not the lewdest act that’s taken place in that region recently. This incident comes just weeks after a Northern Irish girl in Magaluf was captured on video blowing 24 guys in return for alcohol.

In related news, a one-way flight to Belfast from Los Angeles is approximately $1,400.

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