Delaware Couple Busted Having Sex on a Chipotle Rooftop

You still want sour cream on your burrito?

According to the New York Daily News, a Newark man and a woman who may or may not be possessed were arrested Saturday night after “many onlookers” observed them having sex on the roof of a Chipotle.

chipotle rooftop sex
Shortly before 10pm on July 12, Newark police received several calls about a couple hitting skins on the roof of the Main Street Chipotle at the very front of the building. A responding officer saw the public plow session firsthand and “advised” them to stop, but the couple continued to bump uglies for another 15-20 seconds.

When the officer told them they were under arrest, they fled to a nearby apartment and were eventually taken into custody.

38-year-old Michael Suh and 27-year-old Nicole Germack were each charged with third-degree conspiracy, lewdness, loitering, resisting arrest, and second-degree indecent exposure.

This leads us to an important legal question: If banging on the roof of a Chipotle in front of many onlookers below doesn’t qualify as first-degree indecent exposure, then what does? Also, here’s an actual news report on the incident:

Apparently in Newark, Delaware, if you’re not having sex in public, then you aren’t living: Randy Couple Caught Having Sex by Dumpster on St. Patrick’s Day