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Get All Your Work Done With This Control D: Five-Year Subscription

Listen, folks, we totally get it. One moment you’re working towards getting that big promotion and the next you’re knee-deep in whatever that one targeted ad told you was in for the season. It’s time to step up and become a damn adult and not someone who does stupid crap on the internet instead of your job (or maybe you do stupid crap on the internet for your job, you do you). Whatever your digital vice may be, this Control D: Five-Year Subscription will make sure it waits until after the job is done.

It’s the wild, wild web out there folks, and Control D makes your life a hell of a lot more manageable. Not only will it improve your browsing, but your productivity will soar through the roof. The system helps you enforce a productivity schedule by using blockers to weed out things you shouldn’t see while you’re trying to get your grind on (think of parental controls but for shopping ads). Your schedule on the program can also act as an ass kicker for when you really want to just go hog wild on Amazon. Just set up one or all of the 15 blockers and get that expense report in on time.

As an added bonus the program will enhance the performance of your machine, allow you to browse faster, and help you create browsing files for you and the brood. That way the kiddos aren’t getting the same content you are and you can monitor what they suck in like the little sponges with grimy fingernails they are. Connect up to 10 devices so no one feels locked out (except for Uncle Ronnie, he uses the digital highway for things we don’t want to talk about).

See what earned this program five stars on Product Hunt. Get the Control D: Five-Year Subscription for $39.99 (reg. $120).

Prices subject to change.