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Your Online Goings-On Are Always Safe When You Score This HideAway VPN: Lifetime Subscription

We know you’re not doing weird crap on the internet, but sometimes a person just needs to fade away from everything for a bit. No one needs to know you spent an outrageous amount of time playing solitaire by yourself for hours on end during your last menty B, but it might show up in your search bar if you let someone use your stuff. Keep everything neat, tidy, and totally secure with this HideAway VPN: Lifetime Subscription.

Perfect for travel, worry-free scrolling, or just doing some online shopping without everyone knowing your purchases, this HideAway VPN: Lifetime Subscription is an awesome way to make sure no one sneaks in on your clicks. The VPN works by masking your IP address with anonymous IP addresses while encrypting your internet traffic, so everything stays on the hush-hush. There’s no logging, so all of your info is never kept in a keychain.

Afraid of a leak? HideAway features a kill switch. This means all connections will be cut if you lose service so your real IP address stays private. As an extra layer, you’re automatically secured against IPv4 & IPv6 DNS leaks.

Worried about compatibility? Don’t be. The HideAway VPN covers products including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11. This way all Windows users are free to roam around the internet however they please (don’t share that info with us, that’s between you and whoever you reckon with at the big pearly gates).

Need more proof? One satisfied user says, “I’ve been trying out your VPN and I have to say I’m really impressed. It’s quick, stable, no start-up lag, and download speeds are much much faster than other VPNs. Possibly even faster than surfing naked!” Weird flex? Sure. Great review? Absolutely.

The best part? You’ll get this program on an unlimited amount of devices and no data limits, so your tablet, computer, phone, and gaming system are secure and ready for all the fun your RAM can handle (that sounded dirty, we know).

Find out why the folks in our store gave this product a full five stars. Get the HideAway VPN: Lifetime Subscription for the best-on-web pricing at $49.99 (Reg. $199).

Prices subject to change.