This VPN and Firewall is 43% Off and Can Even Spoof Your GPS

Back in the day, VPNs were kind of a hassle to use. Sure, browsing the Australian internet was great, but it took some effort to get there. Now, you can get a VPN that does a lot of the work for you automatically while also managing your other network security. It’s so easy it feels like cheating. That’s what you get from the Windscribe VPN Pro Plan, and it’s 43% off a one-year subscription which is the best discount you’ll find online. 

Think of this particular VPN as your own cybersecurity task force. Windscribe manages to do more than many other VPNs while asking less of its users. You can browse on servers in over 69 countries, block ads and malware, and encrypt your data, but those are just some of the general features. From the desktop app, you can manage your firewall, secure a hotspot, or even create your own proxy server for other devices to connect to. 

From your browser, Windscribe can automatically connect you to other locations, block ads, alter your timezone and spoof your GPS to make it seem like you’re in the country of the server you’re connecting to. It can even reduce the chance of your computer getting fingerprinted. Windscribe also has a strict no-logging policy and anonymous sign-up. Between that and the AES-256 cipher, your information is going to be pretty secure. 

Don’t wanna commit? You can get a chance to try some of Windscribe’s features before you buy by testing out a free plan, but you’ll be pretty limited compared to the paid version. 

If you want to keep your browsing private and help secure your network,  your Windscribe VPN Pro Plan may be your new best friend, and you can get it now with best-on-web pricing.

Prices subject to change.