Need a Good Book in 15 Minutes Or Less? Blinkist Has Got You Covered

With the world opening back up, offices getting back in gear, and everyone starting to do things they love once again, it’s difficult to find time for cuddling in bed with a good book. And, while the last 15 months have really taught us what’s important, getting back to the on-the-go lifestyle we’re accustomed to won’t lend itself to much self care. If you crave knowledge but lack the time to feed the need, grab this Blinkist Premium: Two Year Subscription for a heavy dose of reading on the fly.

So, here’s what you get with Blinkist: not only does the app have over 4,500 books in its artillery, but they come in short, 15 minute explainers so that you never have to spend months at a time catching up to your buds in book club again. You’ll get unlimited access to every portion of the library with this two year subscription including the 70 new titles they add monthly. You’ll also receive personal recommendations and curated collections from top experts based on your history. With multiple ways to enjoy Blinkist, you can either read the passages that outline the most important parts of the book while you’re winding down (called blinks) or you can listen to their shortcasts audio blinks whenever you’re on the go. Either way you’re guaranteed to get a bolt of education to the face in no time (we promise it doesn’t hurt).

So, what exactly can you brush up on using Blinkist? Readers have enjoyed a myriad of different topics and lessons, including a brush up on career success, personal development, parenting, sex, relationships, nature, the environment, region, psychology, money, investments, mindfulness, communication, and so much more. All you need is a Smartphone that uses OS 13.0 or later; Android 7 or later or a browser including Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and you’re on your way to a wealth of knowledge in less time than your daily commute.

Get the Blinkist Premium: Two Year Subscription for $99.99 (Reg. $383). Don’t miss out! this deal is only going on for a few short weeks.

Prices subject to change.