Check Out This Biometric Crypto Hardware Wallet For Your Cryptocurrency

We’ve all become a little spend happy in the past year, and while some of us have gotten uh, let’s say, out of pocket with our online purchases, others have actually invested the money otherwise used for trips and outings into cryptocurrency, which is a super-smart move. Not only are you one step ahead of the regular ol’ dollars and cents type of person, but you may be sitting on a stockpile of cash without knowing it. Now, where does one actually keep cryptocurrency? It’s not like you can just throw it in a leather wallet and call it a day, right? Right?! Wrong. Insert the D’CENT Biometric Crypto Hardware Wallet for all of your crypto-cash needs.

Ready crypto-collectors? Using and gaining cryptocurrency like Bitcoin has never been easier than with this wallet. With biometric authentication for the best security, Multi-IC architecture that ensures privacy, and a huge OLED display for easy monitoring, this wallet is not just your average billfold, it’s almost unimaginable. The. certified secure chip and fingerprint sensor are perfect for those of us who need a little bit more protection than just a regular password and the long-lasting battery ensures you’ll never be out on your ass without your cryptocurrency.

And, since the wallet works on Bluetooth, all of your assets and data regarding said assets can be found in one easy-to-use app. As long as you have Android 6.0 or later or iOS 12.0 or later, you can navigate through all of your earnings easily and effectively on the D’Cent Wallet app, which makes spreadsheets and counting on your fingers and toes an absolute thing of the past. The best part? While all of this might sound like a huge undertaking, the wallet it compact, slim, and easily fits in any purse or pocket for the on-the-go smart spender.

Get the D’CENT Biometric Crypto Hardware Wallet for $105 (Reg $119) with code WALLET14.

Prices subject to change.