Chess Gets a Facelift With This AI-Controlled Chess Board

Millennials are a lot of things according to other generations, but ask any 30-something and we’ll tell you that our whole personality trait consists almost exclusively of old people aesthetics. Hear us out: we’re constantly complaining about aching bones, growling at the growing gas prices, and yelling at youngsters for doing whatever the hell it is Gen Z has on the docket for today. And, since Netflix has made chess cool again thanks to shows like The Queen’s Gambit, a robotic chessboard sounds like the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates both 2021 modernity and grandparent culture (AKA the modern millennial). For all of these reasons, this awesome Square Off: World’s Smartest Chessboard (Grand Kingdom Set) is just what you need for your next great gift.

Ready to square off (see what we did there)? This electric chess board, which is powered by robotics and artificial intelligence, includes 20 difficulty levels that you play against an AI to polish off those ivories for when you have to to toe-to-toe with your old nemesis after COVID restrictions are lifted (We’re looking at you, Greg next door).

That said, if you’d rather play against an actual human (which, hey, we don’t blame you, the idea of total robot control is petrifying to us as well), you can challenge over 30 million people from around the world to a match as if they were sitting right in your living room with you. The pieces will move in an almost ghost like fashion and you’ll be able to see the game play in realtime. You’ll get up to 15 games in one charge, so you never have to worry about losing speed mid-move.

Still not totally sold? Hold tight, because the 779 backers on Kickstarter who raised $235,581.03 and the 1,663 backers on Indiegogo who raised $535,398 to get this game off the ground would like a word or two.

Find out what CNET, Mashable, Daily Mail, CNN, BBC, HuffPost, and a host of other tech and entertainment platforms are raving about. Get CES Top Tech & Innovation 2020 awardee Square Off: World’s Smartest Chessboard (Grand Kingdom Set), which includes, 34 chess pieces, an adapter, charger, quick start guide, and phone stand, for $399.99 (Reg. $449).

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