This All-Terrain Electric Skateboard Will Help Get Around Town in Style

Sure, you’re hip, chill, have the right vibes, and are definitely not afraid of whatever Gen Z says is “uncool,” but are you truly riding in style when you head out for the day? If you’re still driving a gas guzzler or pounding the pavement as a pedestrian, chances are you’re not. It’s okay, it’s hard to keep up with all of the new fads these kids come up with, and soon enough we’ll have another generation to laugh at our fashion choices, so let us help you keep up with transportation trends with this Faboard Black Rover Dual Belt All-Terrain Electric Skateboard. You’ll thank us soon enough.

Okay, here’s the skinny on this ultra-sleek board: at an insanely light 21.56 lbs, you can safely, effectively, and stylishly commute to work or hit the great outdoors with ease (that is, unless you’re super uncoordinated, in which case we can’t help you). With a 17 mile range and a rechargeable pair of 1000W motors, you can take this baby low and slow around the neighborhood for hours or at lighting speed of 24.8 mph. Have a challenging ride in your future? No problem! This baby can handle a 20° hill climb, so the open road is no match for you and your board.

The best part? This board runs on remote control, so you’ll always have the most precise and clean acceleration, breaking, and riding. Not that we don’t trust your manual abilities to board, but being able to rely on remote speed is probably a good idea for those of us who are just a few years away from saying goodbye to solid foods (AKA turning 30 soon).

Get the Faboard Black Rover Dual Belt All-Terrain Electric Skateboard, which also includes additional tools, remote, and charger, for $599.95 (Reg. $749).

Prices subject to change.