Enter a $5K Raffle and Donate to Charity at the Same Time

One of the most annoying things about life is that it’s hard to be nice to yourself and nice to other people at the same time. Will you enjoy your delicious chopped cheese sandwich, or share it with your tragically sandwich-less friend? The latter option warms your heart, the former fills your belly with delicious chopped cheese. Philosophers have struggled with this so-called “chopped cheese paradox” since the beginning of time, and some believe we will never find an answer.

They’re wrong, because the answer is this $5k cash giveaway, a raffle you can enter simply by donating to charity. That’s right: help the needy by donating to charity, help yourself by buying the chance to win a cool, crisp and refreshing $5,000 cash to spend on literally whatever you want, no strings attached. 

The charity in question is the Playing for Change foundation, an organization founded in 2007 that uses music education to create positive change for children and communities in need around the world.

There are even, incredibly, different options based on how much you want to donate: At the cheapest level, you can buy entries at $0.10 each in batches of 100 for $10 or 250 for $25. Anyone feeling a mite friskier can score entries for $0.05 each in batches of 1,000 for $50 or $1,500 for $75. The very boldest among you can buy entries for $0.04 each in batches for 2,500 for $100, or $0.03 each with 4,500 for $150. Yes, to be fair that last one is technically 3 ⅓ of a cent, but that’s annoying to write.

This contest ends in four months, so be sure to buy your entries early and often. You deserve it! Oh, and also the kids that the charity benefits… they deserve nice stuff too. 

Prices subject to change.