Get This Smart Star Trek Key Organizer With Tile Smart Location Built-In For Just $50

It doesn’t take a team of doctors to know that, scientifically speaking, you’re a geek. That’s not to be confrontational: nerd is the new naughty and dorks are dominating. 2021 has made it easier than ever to let your freak flag fly, no matter how, uh, eclectic it may wave. Sure, you’ve got the comics, the collectible DVDs, and even the action figures all locked in a special case meant only for you, but the key to said case is nowhere to be found. Because you lost your keys. Again. So now you’ve got all of your sweet swag stuck in a closet of nostalgia and broken dreams. Sad. Avoid this shame with the Star Trek edition of the KeySmart™ Pro Key Organizer with Tile.

Besides the obvious nod to Captain Spock and Picard, this rechargeable lifesaver holds up to 14 keys and includes Tile smart location functions, which basically means even when you misplace your keys, you’ll get a ping on your phone. When your keys are located, the app sends the signal for your KeySmart Pro to sing to you until you have them in your possession. Need a little starlight (we tried here, you guys)? The KeySmart Pro has an LED flashlight that you can use to find the keyhole at night, as well as a bottle opener for a little extra adulting flare.

TL;DR: This KeySmart Pro helps you find your keys faster than the Starship Enterprise zips through the Milky Way.

Beam up your keys, wherever they are. The KeySmart™ Pro Key Organizer with Tile Smart Location (Star Trek Edition) usually runs for $59, but it’s yours for $49.99, a 6% discount.

Prices subject to change.

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