Remember a Moment in Time That Was Less Crappy With This Gameboy Emulator

Everyone could use a little sentimental flashback these days. Picture this: it’s Friday after school, the weekend is here, and all of the elder millennial stars have aligned. We’re talking blue quarter drinks a-flowin’, Kindergarten Cop on repeat, and Dunkaroos ripe for the dunking. Since then, things have gotten, well, old. And to top it all off, now you have to pay taxes, so there’s that. Travel back to a time when the world wasn’t on fire with some sweet video games on this Portable Game Pad.

This little bit of nostalgia packs a big punch. With 400 built-in FC games and up to five hours of playing time per charge, you and your buds can disregard the hellscape 2020 has provided and travel back to a time when the only way to contact one another was by calling their parents’ landline.

Speaking of your friends, this package includes a second controller for ultimate one-on-one showdowns that can take place as soon as people remember how to act and social distancing becomes its own bit of nostalgia. Connect this bad boy to the TV or take it on the road—however you game (or gift, the holidays are upon us, after all), make sure you’re doing it right with the Game Pad.

The Portable Game Pad, which includes 400 games, a second player controller, AV cable, and charging cable usually runs for $79, but you can get it here for $26.99, that’s a 66% discount.

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