Gain Comfort & Look Badass with This Innovative Electric Respirator Mask

In 2020, masks have joined keys, phones, and wallets as personal items you simply can’t afford to leave home without. So don’t settle for anything less than this innovative electric-powered mask that allows you to get outside with increased confidence, a continuous flow of filtered air, and a cool-as-heck look—all for more than 60 percent off.

If you’re tired of dealing with foggy glasses caused by the moisture generated when you breathe in a mask or are concerned about the effectiveness of your flimsy cloth one, do yourself a favor and upgrade to the Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask from Vivzone while it’s on sale, and then save even more money on replacement filters.

For under $50, this face covering will provide you with the latest in mask-wearing technology and leave you wondering how you ever went without it. Installed within the mask, a fan motor keeps things cool and prevents the steady buildup of sweat and heat that so often makes for awkward social interactions and oh-so-annoying eyewear issues. This Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask solves a bunch of your problems and operates for up to six hours.

A four-layer KN95 certified filter combines with a two-speed fan cycle to ensure the air you breathe is safe, without sacrificing comfort or risking the overuse of unwashed hands on constant mask adjusting. Getting back to the basics, you’ll know this mask is an important step forward in slowing the spread of the virus. Each filter can be utilized for up to 10 days, ensuring enhanced safety by eliminating 99.9% of fine contaminants over 0.3μm.

So what are these four layers? Solid question. The first is an antibacterial net that filters large particles, impurities, and bacteria. An activated carbon filter follows, handling sterilization and deodorization, further backed by a high-efficiency particulate air filter that keeps you free from dust, smoke, and the perennial pollen issue. A shielding protection net that inhibits bacterial growth and fortifies a strong line of defense rounds it all out.

For only $49.99, a savings of 64 percent, the Electric Respirator LED Fan Mask will quickly become a crucial and convenient part of your daily routine. As a bonus, you can also grab a five-pack of filter replacements that would normally cost $22 but are down to $19.99 for a limited time.

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