Weather Expert Talks About New Discovery Special Bermuda Triangle: The Definitive Guide

Bermuda Triangle: The Definitive Guide premieres Sunday, May 22nd on Discovery Channel – the one-hour TV special is an original Canada/U.K. co-production from award-winning producers Handel Productions (Montreal) and Arrow Media (London, UK).

What’s behind the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle? For over 70 years, claims have been made that extraordinary forces – possibly even paranormal or extraterrestrial – are causing ships and planes to vanish without a trace in the half a million square miles of ocean between Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico. Bermuda Triangle: The Definitive Guide investigates the science behind the claims. Using the latest technologies, a team of scientific experts reveals how naturally occurring underwater explosions, monster waves, severe storms, and hurricanes have the capacity to drag ships and planes to the bottom of the sea leaving no trace.

“I was asked to come on as a weather expert, and weather plays a very big role in these disappearances,” said meteorologist Neal Dorst, who appears in the Discovery special. “People keep trying to come up with exotic explanations as to why this ship or aircraft was never heard from again but there is potentially very violent weather that occurs in this area of the ocean, so it’s not all that mysterious. It can be hard to find wreckage in a very vast ocean, so the fact they never find the remains is not all that mysterious either. Ships and planes do get into trouble and can go down very quickly before they get a chance to make an emergency call or send an emergency signal. There are a lot of very plausible explanations for these things and a lot are weather related.”

Bermuda Triangle: The Definitive Guide airs on May 22nd on Discovery Canada.


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