New Original Series Rise Of The Machines Premieres On Discovery Canada

A new series with big impact is beginning on Discovery Canada – Rise of the Machines features high-octane, character-driven actuality and pioneering CGI animation that reveals the extraordinary engineering at the heart of the world’s biggest and most extreme machines.

From the world’s largest mega truck and fastest train to a revolutionary airship and pioneering heavy-lifting cargo vessel, Rise of the Machines introduces the elite teams who drive, fly, and sail these metal titans and risk it all on their treacherous missions while Canadian-produced CGI animation examines the ingenious innovations at the heart of these mechanical monsters. The 10-part Canada/U.K. series examines these huge machines in close-up detail, to explore what helps these complex ships, trucks, trains, and aircraft exceed all others.

In the premiere episode, watch as the 50,000-ton Mega Lift Ship – the Dockwise MV Treasure – is longer than two football fields and packs the power of 80 Hummers. The steel giant carries a 13,000-ton oil rig from Singapore to the Gulf of Mexico, passing through busy shipping channels and around rocky peninsulas, battling ferocious storms across two oceans. This episode follows her elite crew on the epic voyage and unlocks the engineering secrets of the ship. 

Rise of the Machines begins airing Mondays at 7pm beginning June 22nd.