CraveOnstage | Band of the Month: Le Butcherettes Strip Down The Fiery ‘They Fuck You Over’ (Exclusive Performance)

A listen through Le Butcherettes’ new album A Raw Youth claws at the seams of what one immediately considers ‘punk rock’. Through a poet’s heart and furiously wild spirit, the third LP from Teri Gender Bender and friends puts a far more political snarl in the Mexican garage-punk world they inhabit, and the ferocity of passion through which they operate is equal parts enchanting and electrifying.

Le Butcherettes have two previous album releases, their 2011 debut Sin, Sin, Sin and the 2014 offering Cry Is For The Flies – but the momentum behind A Raw Youth propels the notion that this is their time to strike on a much larger scale. The band is comprised of Teri, drummer Chris Common and bassist Jamie Aaron Aux, who recorded the album at RLP Studios (The Morgue Portable Disaster Unit) in El Paso, Texas. Omar Rodriguez Lopez once again produced, as he has done for both previous Le Butcherettes’ releases. 

For our Band of The Month taping, Teri and Chris met us at an off-the-map restaurant in Hollywood, a secret location decorated with ornately weird artifacts, as if a rock star’s bedroom was decorated by Immortan Joe from Mad Max. The duo, in blood-red outfits, was astoundingly sweet and engaging in person, delivering a gorgeously stripped performance of a few new songs from A Raw Youth. Watch below as Let Butcherettes purge demons in “They Fuck You Over” exclusively on Crave:

Check back next week for another track rom Le Butcherettes, and pick up A Raw Youth on iTunes. Also keep up with the band on Facebook and Twitter.

Le Butcherettes Tour dates:

October 29     Burgos, Spain     Estudio 27

October 30     Santander, Spain     Niagara

October 31     Barcelona, Spain     La De Nitsa

November 1     Cadrete, Spain     La Ley Seca

November 3     Madrid, Spain     Fun House Music Bar

November 6     Lisbon, Portugal     Sabotage Club

November 7     Leiria, Portugal     Beat Club

November 8     A Coruna, Spain    Sala Mardi Gras

November 10     Bilbao, Spain     Cafe Antzokia

November 11     San Sebastian, Spain     Le Bukowski

November 12     Bordeaux, France     IBOAT

November 14     Paris, France     Point FMR

November 16     London, UK     Underworld Camden

November 19     Brussels, Belgium     Magasin 4

November 20     Delft, Netherlands     De Veste

November 21     Landgraaf, Netherlands     Oefenbunker

November 24     Berlin, Germany      Kantine am Berghain


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