The History of SPECTRE | James Bond’s Arch-Nemesis

SPECTRE is a name we haven’t heard from the James Bond movies in decades, so the fact that it is the title of the upcoming movie is significant. The trailers are still a little vague about whether this is the same organization from the classic Bond era or just a metaphor, but the new 007 Blu-ray releases are definitely all about SPECTRE. There is a SPECTRE pack of steelbooks featuring all of the films in which the criminal cadre appears (or you can just get the entire set of 23 films). 

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One of the new bonus features is called “The Shadow of SPECTRE,” featuring longtime Bond screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade explaining the significance of SPECTRE in Bond. With the help of the Blu-ray bonus feature and our own research on Ian Fleming’s books and the films, we bring you CraveOnline’s own briefing on SPECTRE. Keep this history in mind as you rewatch the films on Blu-ray and await the new film, SPECTRE, when we’ll find out whether Bond’s old enemy really is back.

The History of SPECTRE:

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