GTA V For PC Delayed Again

The PC release of Grand Theft Auto V must have the Dying Light curse. After originally announcing the PC version for Jan. 27, Rockstar Games pushed back the release date to March 24. On Feb. 24, however, Rockstar had to eat the humble pie once again, letting the world know that Grand Theft Auto V for PC has been pushed back once again to April 14, due to technical issues and a lack of polish.

The only consolation prize Rockstar offered in the wake of this news is an additional $200,000 in-game cash for those who pre-ordered the game. For context, Rockstar was already offering $1 million for pre-orders.

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Then Rockstar did what developers always do when suffering delays: they thanked gamers for their patience. All those working on GTA V better thank their luck Rockstars that gamers have any patience left. The release of the PC version has shades of Dying Light‘s release, and the several delays it went through, and, in that case, many gamers simply canceled their pre-orders.

Grand Theft Auto V might not have to worry about that, since Rocksteady has far more clout than Techland. This also could be good news for Rockstar’s sales, as March 24 is also Bloodborne’s release date. While PC and PS4 have slightly different markets, gamers with both platforms no longer have to make a choice between purchases with GTA V‘s April 14 release date. Silver linings.