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Ranked! The Best (And Worst) Thor Movies (Including ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’)

Photo: Walt Disney Studios

Just like the numerous Batman movies, every Thor movie is slightly different in terms of tone and pacing. The difference, though, is that Batman has been portrayed by Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and others. This definitely adds to the differences between films.

Thor, at least in the contemporary film landscape, has only been played by Chris Hemsworth. Including the first movie, simply called Thor, which came out back in 2011, the titular God of Thunder now has four original films. This is after the recent release of Thor: Love and Thunder.

This brings us to one specific question: Which one is the best of the bunch? Also, which one is undeniably the worst? We never like to subscribe to recency bias, but it’s quite clear after one viewing of the newest film in the franchise that it’s going to be difficult to beat. But we’ll do our best. Keep scrolling to see our rankings.


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