The Batman

Ranked! Every Live-Action Batman Movie (Including ‘The Batman’)

By this point, Batman has had a major presence in popular culture for the better part of 8 decades. Although the character has many interpretations in many different mediums throughout the years, the caped crusader’s film adaptations have undoubtedly been the most influential in terms of broader cultural appeal. The interesting thing about Batman is the adaptability of the character (especially on film). This flexibility means that just about every live-action interpretation of the Dark Knight is an equally valid one. Not to mention the plethora of great animated Batman movies, from Mask of the Phantasm to Lego Batman and beyond, but that is another can of worms entirely. Now that The Batman is finally out in theaters, we’re forced to do an obligatory ranking of all the live-action Batman movies. Here. We. Go.

Cover Photo: Warner Bros.


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