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Parkour Athletes Show Off Gravity-Defying Skills at Red Bull Art of Motion

Parkour is the art of moving from one location to another by climbing, running, and/or leaping without using any kind of equipment. Think skateboarding without skateboards or getting as close to flying as you can without wings. It’s an impressive feat – and is now considered a sport.

Parkour athletes recently showed off their gravity-defying skills at Red Bull Art of Motion. The 2022 version of this annual competition took place from June 9 – 12 on the Greek island of Astypalea. The rooftops, balconies, and narrow streets of the local area provided a natural playground on which athletes put their talents to the test.

The competition was divided into three parts to challenge the contestants, one designated for each day. First, athletes ventured around the island to find a spot emblematic of their parkour style; there, they recorded a video clip of themselves in action. Next, they joined forces with a videographer to film a 45-to-60-second video. The final challenge was live and involved a 10-second series of “combos,” or moves.

“You have these certain ledges that offer so many different heights … You can lend your body to so many different movements with that,” Sydney Olson, won the women’s competition, told CNN Sport.

Bob Reese, a parkour athlete with a massive TikTok following, incorporated a table and a broom into his routine to spice things up.

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Of course, the sport isn’t without its risks. Aforementioned athlete Olson wrecked her shoulder and underwent reconstructive surgery. It took a year to heal.

But the thrill of the sport must be enough to keep athletes coming back, because they do, year after year.

Check out some more of these impressive acrobatic moves – but don’t try this at home!

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