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First Look at Ryan Gosling as Ken For ‘Barbie’ Movie Has Divided the Internet (Which Side Are You On?)

Nobody asked for a Barbie movie. (We hope.) But Hollywood has apparently run out of ideas, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that it gave a doll that hasn’t been popular in decades its own feature-length film. To add insult to injury, actors we actually like – Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling – inexplicably signed up for this campy, hot pink-tinted premise.

Now, the world has gotten a first look of the entertainment travesty to come and…um…we’re not so sure about this real-life Ken.

Sporting a platinum blonde mane, an orange-hued tan, and a denim vest that even the ‘80s doesn’t want back, Gosling divided the internet when a pic of him in character as Barbie’s boyfriend was released this week.

Twitter was split down the middle about Gosling’s transformation.

“Ummmmmmm is it normal to want a refund before tickets are even out?” one Twitter user asked.

“well this certainly was a choice,” another observed.

Others thought that Gosling could do no wrong in the looks department.

“Freddie Prinze Jr’s Fred walked so Ryan Gosling’s Ken could run,” one commenter asserted.

“ryan gosling is and always has been extremely hot,” a fan gushed.

Regardless of how you feel about Gosling (we’ll give him credit for that hard-won six-pack), we can all agree that Robbie knocked the Barbie transformation out of the park.

ryan gosling

If you’re one of the weirdos that will be singing, “Come on, Barbie, let’s go party!” as you head into the theater to watch the story of these inanimate dolls brought to life on the big screen, well, you’ll have to wait a while. The movie won’t be released until July 21, 2023.

Photos: Warner Bros.


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