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The ‘Barbie’ Movie Memes Overtaking Twitter Are Funnier Than the Film Could Ever Be

The Barbie movie won’t be out for another year, but it’s already entertaining movie fans worldwide. How? Through memes. Yes, the live-action depiction of the iconic-yet-anatomically-incorrect dolls Barbie and Ken played, respectively, by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is already making people LOL on the internet.

Granted, Barbie is an easy target. There’s simply so much to make fun of. From the hot pink aesthetic to the bleached-blonde hair and orange-hued tans to the fanny packs and rollerblades, this movie is chock full of cringey details.

Not to mention that it’s unclear exactly who this film is for. Directed by Academy Award-nominated actor Greta Gerwig, who co-wrote the screenplay with her partner Noah Baumbach, this campy rom-com is said to be rated PG, so probably a little too adult for the kindergarteners who stan the Mattel toy line it’s based on. Will adult women go see this movie? Only if they still sleep with stuffed animals in canopy beds.

Social media went on a mocking spree after photogs captured and released images from the movie’s recent shoot in Venice, California. Now we have all the Barbie content we never knew we needed. Scroll on, have a laugh, and hope you never have to sit through the finished product.

Cover Photo: @jaythechou (Twitter)