Mandatory Trailers: Final ‘Uncharted’ Trailer Begs Us to Like It Despite Having Most Doable Cast

The Uncharted franchise is in an interesting place. Even though the series started off as being a video game knockoff of Indiana Jones, it quickly became the cinematic template for every action/adventure movie for the past decade. Ironically enough, the games have become so influential that the first film adaptation of the franchise can’t help but feel like a retread of itself. Uncharted is a film that should be a sure-fire tentpole hit, and yet the marketing campaign can’t help but feel as if it’s begging us to like it.

Despite having what is sure to be one of the sexiest casts of the year, there’s something about the final trailer for Uncharted that feels so forced. Even though the film features the likes of Tom Holland, Mark Whalberg, and Antonio Banderas headlining the adaptation, the marketing simply tries too hard to make up for… something. If this trailer for Uncharted proves anything, it’s that the jokes are sure to be terrible and the plot predictable.

It’s no secret that Video Game adaptations are pretty much cursed. There has yet to be a truly great video game adaptation, and Uncharted doesn’t seem to be breaking that mold. On the spectrum of Super Mario Brothers to Sonic the Hedgehog, Uncharted will probably land somewhere in the middle. But for a franchise that has seemingly unlimited cinematic potential, this film seems to want to be aggressively average. There’s no doubt that the film was affected by nearly 10 years of development hell. But at the very least, it sure will be good to look at. Uncharted arrives in theaters on February 18, 2022.

Cover Photo: Sony