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A Christmas Story Sequel With Peter Billingsley Finally Coming, But Is This the Most Conflicted Sequel of All Time?

In Hollywood, no classic movie is ever safe from sequelitis. So after nearly 40 years, it comes as no surprise that we’re finally getting a sequel to A Christmas Story. Although the 1983 film started as a cult classic, it has since become a Christmas tradition. Whereas something like the upcoming Santa Clause series is clearly just a cash grab in a pot that has already been sullied by two awful sequels, A Christmas Story remains relatively untarnished. This is why this news is simultaneously the least and most surprising news of all time. Hopefully, the new film, confusingly titled A Christmas Story Christmas, won’t make us regret being excited about it.  

Luckily for audiences, Peter Billingsley is set to return for A Christmas Story Christmas, making this pill a little easier to swallow. While the original film was set in the 1940s, the sequel will jump forward 30 years into the 1970s. The film, which is intended to premiere on HBO Max, follows Ralphie as he returns to his childhood home. According to the synopsis, he hopes to “bring his children a magical Christmas like the one he experienced growing up”. In the process, Ralphie reconnects with childhood friends and reconciles the passing of his old man. Sounds like A Christmas Story Christmas is leaning hard into the nostalgia.

Filming is set to begin in Hungary this February and will be directed by Clay Kaytis, who also helmed The Christmas Chronicles for Netflix. While Billingsley had a successful career as an adult, he has remained close to the role that made him famous. In addition to producing several notable films (including the original Iron Man), he produced a broadway version of A Christmas Story in 2009. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that the premise of this sequel has the potential to be both interesting and cringe-worthy at the same time. A release date has yet to be announced for HBO Max.

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