10 Celebs We Desperately Want to See Get the ‘Queer Eye’ Intervention

Nothing consistently delivers an hour’s worth of happy crying like Netflix’s Queer Eye. From Georgia to Japan, the Fab Five have fluttered into the lives of many unsuspecting humans, positively transforming them from the inside out in just a matter of days. If you’ve never seen it, the effect is astounding.

Now, with Season 6 streaming some of the most moving personal journeys yet, we started thinking (ok, daydreaming) about what it would look like if the Fab Five migrated their miracle work away from civilian pile-ups and into the realm of celebrity train wrecks.

Of course, deep down we know these dreams reside in the kingdom of fantasyland. For one thing, celebrities are way too cagey to be that vulnerable on TV. (After all, the folks we’re suggesting for Season 1 of Celebrity QE have some of the biggest egos in the world.)

That said, no matter how difficult a case, the Fab Five always come out on top. Because who can withstand the power of their combined magic? Roseanne? Maybe. But before we start fantasizing about Roseanne, here’s who we’d really like to see the boys work their wizadry on (with predictions of how each transformation will go down). Prepare for a French Tuck.

Cover Photo: Jerod Harris (Getty Images)