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Lost Girl: Tyra Banks Viral Dress Draws Comparison to ‘Jurassic Park’ Dinosaur, And We Can’t Look Away

There are fashion faux pas and there are fashion fuck-ups. This is a story about the latter. It happened last week when host Tyra Banks appeared on Dancing With the Stars in the most outrageous dress by Julian Mendez Couture.


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The frock immediately drew comparisons from viewers and internet trolls to a dinosaur in Jurassic Park. You know which one, don’t you? The little demon dino that killed Newman with poisonous spit.

Granted, there was one dissenter who saw pasta, not prehistoric creatures, in this ugly-ass outfit.

Banks addressed the bruhaha on The Late Late Show with James Corden a few days later.

“I kept saying ‘peacock’ after [putting on the dress] and my stylist kept on kind of giggling and stuff and then we started seeing all this Jurassic Park stuff [online],” she said. “My stylist was like, ‘Yeah we did know that you looked like a lizard before the social started.’ They did know!”

This Twitter user guessed as much.

And yet, the stylist sent her into the lion’s den anyway. Banks, who is known for unusual ensembles, took the social media mockery in stride.

“Different is what? Better,” she told Corden. “I don’t have time to be normal in a pretty dress, because nobody is going to say anything about a pretty dress. You’ve got to push it and go for it.”

It appears she did both, and got dragged for it. You do you, Tyra. Spread those wings. Just don’t spit on us, please.

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