The Funniest Tweet Reactions to the Jeopardy! Game Show Host Scandal

Alex Trebek must be rolling over in his grave. The legendary Jeopardy! host passed away last November, and since then, the game show formatted to give contestants the answers (and require them to guess the questions) has been on a search for its successor.

Unfortunately, the head honchos decided on a seemingly bland, white guy named Mike Richards – who happens to be the executive producer of the show. Fans were less than excited at this announcement, but now have nothing to fear…because, only nine days after taking the helm, he’s been canceled.

And for good reason. On a comedy podcast called The Randumb Show, Richards made inflammatory remarks about Jews and women. Among the comments were calling his female co-host his “booth ho” and asking her if she’d ever taken any “booby pictures.” These episodes were recorded back in 2013 and 2014 but have since come back to haunt him.

While Sony has accepted Richards’ resignation (the company didn’t even have the balls to fire him), it’s still allowing him to carry on in his role as executive producer. As for who the next host will be? That remains to be seen, but the internet certainly has a favorite: LeVar Burton.

As news of Richards’ ouster spread through social media, Twitter users took the opportunity to mercilessly mock the disgraced host. These are the funniest tweet reactions to the Jeopardy! host scandal.

Cover Photo: Sony Pictures Television