Ranked! Denzel Washington’s Best Movies (Including ‘The Little Things’)

While accepting his Oscar for Training Day in 2002, Denzel Washington spoke how he once told his college classmates that he wanted to be the best actor in the world. In 2021, it’s not a stretch to say he is. King Kong ain’t got shit on him. Case and point: The Little Things is now the high-grossing R-rated movie of this pandemic. Denzel is easily one of the greatest actors to ever grace (and continue gracing) the screen.  Hundreds of years from now people (or machines) will still be watching/examining his screen, stage, and directorial work. With a walk and a talk accompanying a distinct yet adaptable presence, Denzel has played everything from good cops and bad cops to outlaws and historical figures. After taking a comprehensive look at his filmography, we took on the difficult task of narrowing down this legend’s classics and ranking the very best. 

Cover Photo: Warner Bros.

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