Mandatory Movie Battles: The Purge: Election Year v. The Reality Show That is Your Life in 2020

When the original Purge film came out, it was a suspenseful little thriller that had a very simple premise: what if, just for one night, all crime was legal? While the original film focused on just one small family in one big house (with Ethan Hawke playing the patriarch), the subsequent films have branched out and told a number of different stories across four films and even a television show. The Purge has become a phenomenon, as it continues to portray a dystopian future in which morals are thrown away and crimes are committed for “the greater good.” In reality, the Purge (the act, not the film) was created as a way to kill the poor and keep the rich, white “New Founding Fathers” on top of the political and economic landscape. Sound familiar? It should. Because we’re fucking living in the Purge times right now.

In fact, with the upcoming 2020 election nearly upon us, our lives are resembling the third film in the series, The Purge: Election Year, more and more. In that film, a young woman named Charlie Roan is running for president and, if she wins, her plan is to abolish the Purge permanently. Her political view of the Purge is also a personal one because, years earlier, her entire family was killed during one of the annual Purges. Now, as an adult, she wants to abolish the Purge which, naturally, doesn’t sit right with the New Founding Fathers so they work to try and ensure that she does not get elected. The best way to do that, in their minds, is to just kill her on Purge night.

Now, granted, we don’t actually have a night in America in which people can just commit whatever crimes they want. But our country’s biggest cities have seen their share of violence lately and, while it may not be legal, lots of people are getting killed as a direct result of the state in which our country is in. And that’s not the only similarity our current reality shares with The Purge: Election Year. So let’s put on our masks and take up our crossbows as we examine The Purge: Election Year and how closely it resembles the reality show that is our lives.

Cover Photo: Universal Pictures and Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Stringer (Getty Images)

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