Complete Your ‘Ghostbusters’ Costume By Making This Life-Like Slime

If you’ve ever seen the classic comedy Ghostbusters, you probably remember a scene where Dr. Peter Venkman (played by the always hilarious Bill Murray) comes face to face with the ghost that will forever be affectionately known as ‘Slimer.’ He lives up to his moniker when he covers Venkman head to toe in a gooey, slimy substance when he flies through him. When he’s found, he utters the iconic phrase, “He slimed me.”

Since we’re all about Halloween realism and do-it-yourself projects. We figured this was the perfect time to learn how to make our own slime at home. Perfect for spooky, seasonal parties, or just throwing on your significant other and quickly running away, this is the recipe you’ll want to learn this ghostly season. It’s actually quite simple. Check out all of the steps below.

Photo: Columbia Pictures

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