The World’s Most Dangerous Water Park Is Exposed in Wet and Wild New Documentary

Water parks are wet-and-wild fun, but beneath the waterslides and inner tubes lurk some dark secrets – and a new documentary on HBO Max aims to expose them.

Class Action Park tells the sordid tale of Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey, otherwise known as the “world’s most dangerous amusement park.” It was a hot spot for youth in the ‘80s and ‘90s, but in addition to summertime excitement, it was also the site of countless injuries and six deaths during its 18-year run.

“To some, New Jersey’s infamous Action Park was the most spectacularly fun amusement park on Earth: A place where unruly 1980s teenagers were given free rein to go gonzo on strange contraptions that seemed to violate the laws of common sense (and perhaps physics),” a press release states. “To others, it was an ill-conceived death trap. One thing is sure: It’s the type of place that will never exist again.”

Filmmakers Chris Charles Scott and Seth Porges delve into the controversial history of the park through video clips, recordings, animation, documents, and interviews with former visitors of the park, including celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel and Johnny Knoxville. The feature takes a hard look at how too much alcohol, incompetent employees, a lack of safety standards, and bogus insurance created a dangerous environment — that unsuspecting kids couldn’t resist.

If you’ve been bumming about a lack of fun this summer, watch this doc. It’ll give you a new appreciation for the comfort and safety of your living room couch. Nobody ever got injured or died binge-watching streaming services, right?

Cover Photo: HBO Max

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