Zac Efron’s ‘Down to Earth’ Will Teach You Sustainability (Here Are 10 Easy Ways to Do Your Part)

Photo: Netflix

The travel show is nothing new. This is especially true in the world of Netflix and other streaming giants. Anthony Bourdain perfected it, Phil Rosenthal made it fun again, and now a much more rugged-looking, bearded Zac Efron is here to make us look at travel in a completely different way. Instead of merely showcasing the sites and food of a particular destination, Efron’s new Netflix show, Down to Earth, will make us see the importance of sustainability and how we can do our part to help.

On his journey, he’s joined by wellness expert Darin Olien as he travels to Iceland, Costa Rica, Sardinia, and various far-flung locales to find the most sustainable practices on earth. Watching this show makes us wonder about the simple things we can do to be more sustainable.

Below, you’ll find 10 easy ways you can do your part. It should be noted that implementing pretty much any of these will make you seem like a crotchety, old man. Just be prepared. Do it anyway.

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