Zac Efron Has Packed on the Pounds (And Fans Are Loving It)

When an actor gains weight, he isn’t usually praised for it – unless it’s for an Oscar-worthy role. But Zac Efron, the High School Musical heartthrob and Baywatch babe, isn’t starring in anything the Academy will be handing out awards for. No, his latest project is pretty forgettable: a Netflix original series called Down to Earth, which focuses on sustainability around the world. And yet his appearance is generating a lot of buzz. Why? Because the 32-year-old has turned from hunky to husky – and fans are loving it.

Whether dubbed a “daddy” or being labeled with a “dad bod,” America is here for whatever is going on with Efron’s bearded girth.

Though some disagreed if Efron’s transformed physique truly qualified as a “dad bod.”

Oh, who cares what he’s called. In times like these, when we’re all packing on the Quarantine 15 (or 25 or 30…), it’s nice to know that people actually appreciate a little extra poundage. A snack is a snack is a snack after all.

Cover Photo: Netflix

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