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LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 29: Mickey Rourke is seen on November 29, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by BG012/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Mickey Rourke Trolls Robert De Niro On Instagram; Someone Change His Password, Please

Cyberbullying is nothing new, but we never expected a 60-something celebrity to use Instagram to brutally attack one of America’s favorite actors. We’re talking about Mickey Rourke, that hardscrabble has-been who hasn’t done much of note outside of 2008’s The Wrestler and 1986’s 9 ½ Weeks. Apparently, the aging B-lister has a beef with Robert De Niro and decided to air his grievances on his social media account last week.

According to People, Rourke posted: “Hey Robert De Niro, that’s right i am talking to you, you big f—ing crybaby. A friend of mine just recently told me that a few months back you’re quoted as saying to newspapers ‘Mickey Rourke’s a liar he talks all kind of sh–‘. Listen Mr.Tough Guy in the movies, you’re the 1st person that ever called me a liar and it was in a newspaper.”

No one seems to know what newspaper Rourke was referring to.

But wait, there’s more: “Let me tell you something, you punk a–, when i see you i swear to God on my Grandmother, on my brother and all my dogs,i gonna embarrass you severely 100%.”

The post has since been removed. (Now, please, someone change his password.)

Rourke and De Niro have history – they co-starred in the 1987 horror-thriller Angel Heart and reportedly did not get along. After the film, Rourke said of De Niro, “Now, I don’t look up to him no more, I look through him.” Rourke also accused De Niro of preventing him from meeting with Martin Scorsese regarding a part in The Irishman. (De Niro’s rep denies that Rourke was ever considered for a role in the Academy Award-nominated Netflix original movie.)

No matter what the cause of the bad blood, Instagram rants are so immature. We expect better of so-called adults, even when they’re hotheads like Rourke. Since it doesn’t look like he’s quitting the social media platform anytime soon, we hope he sticks to his harmless dog pics from here on out. Because in this fight, we’re on De Niro’s side – today, tomorrow, and every day.

Cover Photo: BG012/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor (Getty Images)

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