Screen-Grab Psycho: Are Instagram Models the Centerfold For Your Phone Addiction?

When you first joined Instagram, you probably did so to follow your friends, family members, or maybe a few of your favorite celebs. But then you stumbled upon a model’s profile and realized what delicious eye candy such accounts can be. Instagram noticed how much you “liked” said profile and started recommending more models. So you followed them, too.

Now your feed is full of model after model after model. Bottomless models — some of whom are actually bottomless in their photos. You love checking in on the creative ways these women share their lives and beauty with the world, but at times you feel conflicted, too. “Just leave me alone with my phone,” is a thought you have way too often. Is this an innocent appreciation of the female form? Or are Instagram models your new digital addiction? Let’s take a closer look — at your psyche, not the models.

Cover Photo: PeopleImages (Getty Images)

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