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Hip Nursing Home Residents Recreate Iconic Album Covers

If you thought the terms “hip” and “nursing home residents” didn’t go together, well, you just don’t know the right nursing home residents. Take, for example, the older adults at Sydmar Lodge Care Home in Edgware, England. These pretty freakin’ cool seniors have been recreating famous album covers to pass the quarantine time. From wardrobe to makeup to backgrounds, they’re nailing awesome album art from artists like Taylor Swift and Elvis Presley to Madonna and David Bowie.

Activities coordinator Robert Speker is the man behind the playful project. He chose a variety of classic and modern albums, then paired residents with the album cover art he thought suited them best.

“When I was matching the residents up, I had a quick think. Who would like to participate, and which would best suit them? Who wouldn’t mind having tattoos drawn on their arms or zigzags painted on their faces?” he told Today. “I wanted the resident’s personality to shine through. I feel I managed that, unbelievably.”

After perfecting the recreations, Speker took and edited photos, then posted them on Twitter, where they racked up over 136K likes. And while going viral on Twitter might not be something that the elderly can appreciate, we take comfort in knowing that our biggest days of social media fame might still be in front of us!

Cover Photo: @robertspeker (Twitter)

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