What’s in the Box? 25 Years Later, ‘Seven’ Still Keeps Us Guessing

Only three things are 100 percent consistent in life: death, taxes and David Fincher’s ability to entertain us. In his 1995 crime drama, Seven, he proves that serial killers captivate audiences like no other kind of character. Kevin Spacey plays John Doe: a quiet, can’t-get-right murderer with a strong-willed Christian background while Brad Pitt plays the Detective David Mills, who’s on Doe’s gory trail. Who will ever forget the time Doe removed his own fingerprints as a prank? Or when he developed that elaborate “you’re gonna be a daddy” scavenger hunt for Detective Mills, which included all their mutual friends along the way? The final shocking scene in which Detective Mills opens his baby shower gift proves that this film is still the best we’ve ever seen. Twenty-five years later, it’s still a masterpiece. Here’s further proof!

Photo: New Line Cinema

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