Ted Bundy

8 Serial Killers More Interesting Than Ted Bundy

Photo: Netflix

What a time to be alive (sounds like something Ted Bundy might have said once). Seriously though, computers fit in our front pockets, people are becoming rich stars off of YouTube, and serial killers are not only known for mass murder but mass fandom as well. The times are weird, and that’s very evident in both the recent Netflix releases of on Ted Bundy. He was the subject of both a docu-series and a docu-drama, starring Zac Efron as the killer himself.

Audiences are fascinated by serial killers. Series like Making a Murderer and The Staircase are massive hits for streaming services. Bundy is just the latest killer to be immortalized. The story of a good-looking, seemingly normal young man who murdered multiple women and escaped jail on several different occasions is fascinating indeed, but he isn’t the only serial killer who deserves the spotlight. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of eight serial killers who are infinitely more interesting than Bundy.

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