This Week in Trailers: Don’t Move Into This ‘1BR’

Welcome to our weekly recap of new movie trailers that recently debuted, including 1BR. Dive in for all the thrills, chills, laughs, remakes, and first looks below!

Cover Photo: Dark Sky Films


After debuting the film at Fantasia Fest in Montreal last year, Dark Sky Films has debuted the first trailer for the upcoming thriller 1BR from debut writer-director David Marmor, warning viewers that not every neighborhood is as safe as it looks.


The official trailer for director Vaughn Stein’s forthcoming thriller drama Inheritance has been released, featuring Lily Collins’ Lauren as she discovers her father’s dark secrets involving Simon Pegg’s mysterious character. The film was supposed to have its world premiere at the now postponed 2020 Tribeca Film Festival. The film is set to be released on DirecTV on April 23 and in select theaters, VOD and digital platforms on May 22.

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Behind You

Vertical Entertainment has debuted a new trailer for the upcoming horror film Behind You which warns audiences to be careful what your eyes show you in a mirror. The film is set to hit video on demand on April 17!

We Summon the Darkness

Saban Films has debuted the first trailer for the upcoming horror-comedy We Summon the Darkness starring Alexandra Daddario as the leader of a trio of women holding a group of metalheads captive as satanic killers are sweeping through the country. The film debuted at Fantastic Fest in September to strong reviews and is set to hit VOD and digital platforms on April 10.

Same Boat

Dark Star Pictures has debuted the first trailer for Same Boat, a comedy secretly shot on a cruise ship about a time-traveling assassin falling in love with his target. Same Boat is set to hit VOD on April 7.

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