Then and Now: The Cast of ‘Edward Scissorhands’ on the Film’s 30th Anniversary

What kind of movie do you get by crossing Frankenstein with garden sheers? The answer is Tim Burton‘s 1990 masterpiece Edward Scissorhands, a heart-wrenching gothic fairy tale that’s a cut above the rest. The premise draws heavily from the director’s own childhood. Like many young artists, Burton felt othered in the conformist suburban landscape. But instead of succumbing to self-loathing or resentment, he learned to embrace his inner weirdo.

The film’s subdivision overflows with horny moms, douchebag jocks and nosey neighbors. Despite its stinging indictment, it never feels preachy. The director doesn’t revel in torturing “normies.” Instead, he exposes the primal psychic wounds we all share. He couldn’t have done it so well without a super talented cast. Burton has directed many other cinematic greats since, and a few stinkers. Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, and the other actors had their ups and downs, too. Still, this sweet yet uncanny film holds up even after three decades. We look at where the cast and crew of this subversive movie classic are today.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

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