RANKED! The Best (And Worst) Tim Burton Movies Of All Time

Photo: Sunset Boulevard / Contributor (Getty Images)

Tim Burton has been called a “master of the macabre,” a genius, and an innovator. He has also been called crazy, overrated, and too dark. He has been called many things throughout his 30-year-plus career, but there’s no denying the influence he has had on modern cinema.

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When Burton first burst onto the scene with films like Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, and, of course, Batman, fans took notice. Tim Burton films became a genre unto themselves and that genre consisted of films that were full of bizarre imagination.

Whether they’re superhero films, remakes of beloved classics, or whatever the heck Frankenweenie was, Tim Burton Films are some of the most creative, awe-inspiring movies ever to be shown on a big screen. We’ve got all that and more so put on your best black turtleneck, turn on some Elfman scores, and kick back as we rank the best Tim Burton films of all time.

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