Mandatory Best of 2019: Ranking the 10 Funniest Stand-Up Specials of the Year

Is humor subjective? Or are certain jokes unequivocally funnier than others? And what is the purpose of a comedian? Is it to please the audience, push the envelope, or speak truth to power? Stand-up comedy had an interesting year, a lot of it spent reconciling with all these questions, as a judgemental and highly reactive social sphere has thrust those in the joke business under a microscope. While some comics fought for more autonomy, viewing containment as a form of holy roller censorship, others carried on unblinking, building on past works without paying any lip service to the current constructs. The last year of the decade will surely go down in history as one suffering from growing pains, but even with the toe cramps and spasms, there were plenty of laughs. Without further adieu, here are the 10 funniest stand-up specials of 2019.

Photo: Netflix

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