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Nintendo Nostalgic: ‘Ken Griffey Jr.’s Winning Run’ Is Still a Home Run Hit

Fans of the old ball game need no reminder that Ken Griffey Jr. is just as much of a legend as he is a great dude. He snagged home runs like Florida men snag stuffed animals, overcame entire walls to make catches, and got a Hall of Fame approval vote so high, we still think he should have run for president after all. But if there is to be one crowning achievement among all of his accolades, then surely getting his name on the best baseball game of the 16-bit age has to be it. Which one, you ask? Ken Griffey Jr’s Winning Run for the Super Nintendo, of course! Join us in this Nintendo Nostalgic as we pay homage to the undisputed king of the video game diamond.

Photo: MobyGames

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