Brad Pitt Proves Twice This Year That Some Movies Are Still Worth a Trip to the Theater

Brad Pitt‘s film career has been unparalleled. He has portrayed everything from a mentally disturbed soap maker to the man who changed baseball. It seems the older this guy gets (but seemingly doesn’t age), the more reliable his films have become as a source of quality entertainment. This year has only reinforced that statement, bringing people all across the globe to popcorn-encrusted floors, sticky seats, and 50-foot screens. The man’s a movie star, like Robert Redford and Clark Gable before him. In an age of touchscreens and streaming, it has become increasingly difficult to find a star whose films are worth that trip to the theater. Here are some ways Pitt’s latest features, Ad Astra and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (in which both of his characters are named Cliff), prove some movies still are.

Photo: Sony Pictures Entertainment & Twentieth Century Fox

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