RANKED! 12 Favorite Brad Pitt Movie Roles (Before ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’)

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Brad Pitt is easily one of our favorite Hollywood heroes working today, which is what makes ranking his best work so difficult. He simultaneously harkens classic handsomeness found in the Golden Age of the American movies while propelling the industry forward, a hero who hasn’t pandered to the actor elite donning capes with big budgets. Between movies like Fight Club and Snatch, Pitt creates his own mythos for his characters, and that’s what makes him indistinguishable from the rest (except for Robert Redford). He has been nominated for countless awards, but his most recent project, Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is one in which he is most deserving of accolades, carrying the film as a supporting actor. And now, we rank our favorite Brad Pitt movie roles.

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