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RANKED! The 10 Best Quentin Tarantino Films Leading Up To ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’

Photo: Miramax

When Quentin Tarantino was working in a California video store as a teenager, he couldn’t have known that one day, he would be as influential as the filmmakers whose films he was putting on the store display. He’s become one of the most acclaimed film directors of his generation and his work has been studied, dissected and ripped off by millions of cinephiles. His films tackle themes like racism, sexism, revenge, and redemption. The characters Tarantino has created have become legends, from gangsters and assassins to vampires and vixens.

Tarantino has told a lot of stories across a wide variety of mediums, but it’s the movies he wrote and/or directed that we’re focusing on here. These are Tarantino’s best films, ranked!

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