RANKED! Our 20 Favorite Political Drama TV Shows of the Last 20 Years

No matter what your party leanings, at some point all of us elect a political drama as our entertainment of choice. Politicians — and the people who do their bidding — are just like us (OK, maybe richer) but their failures are more visible thanks to the high-profile nature of their jobs, so they enthrall us like no other characters can. Though the 2016 presidential election finally made real-life politics more terrifying and scandalous than TV could ever be, we still need an escape this day in age, and political dramas let us experience fake conflicts that hopefully get resolved at the end of the season (unlike the real world, where we continue to death-spiral). In these fictional governments, any damage done is repaired, the good guys take power, and the bad guys go to that special place in hell reserved for evildoers. Today, we take a look back at the past two decades of political dramas that reveal how naive and unprepared we were for what the future had in store.

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