The ‘Joker’ Clown School to Becoming a Successful American Icon

The Joker is easily the most famous and entertaining villain in the entire DC universe, but he didn’t just get there overnight. As evidenced in the new Joker trailer (the very first R-rated comic-book flick), it took a lifetime of downward spirals, being shunned by society, and a failed career at making people laugh. So how did Joker transform from a complete unknown to Gotham superstardom? And what does he plan to do now that he’s at the top?

Insanely pragmatic, Joker is capitalizing on his newfound popularity with a diverse portfolio of business ventures, including casinos, golf courses, a chain of fried chicken shops, and a mail-order steak brand. But no business lies closer to his heart than his online university that charges $10,000 to teach would-be villains how to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With a school slogan of “Donec Moriantur Ad Risum,” and a guaranteed five-minute phone call with the founder, the course looks pretty legit. We paid the non-refundable deposit of $99 to get our hands on the official course guide and here’s what we learned.

Photo: Gotham (Getty Images)

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