HBO’s ‘Entourage’ Is Still (Ari) Gold 15 Years Later

Entourage premiered in the summer of 2004, presenting a fairytale Hollywood where the hero always wins, gets laid, and keeps his cool. Despite the show being totally unrealistic (even for a town where reality is often on hold) the story of a Queens, New York boy navigating stardom with his best pals in tow was instantly lovable. With a cast of characters based loosely on Mark Wahlberg’s real life, plus a revolving door of celebrity cameos that included everyone from Bob Saget to 50 Cent, the half-hour dramedy ran for eight seasons during HBO’s second epoch. Fifteen years later, here’s what we still love about the TV show that made strutting around West Hollywood look more fun than a magic carpet ride (and gave Gary Busey a shot at redemption).

Cover Photo: Jason Merritt/TERM 

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